Friday, November 15, 2013

I Say This in All Seriousness

"The night of frenzied partying allegedly involved cocaine, OxyContin, vodka, a prostitute and Ford telling staffer Olivia Gondek, “I want to eat your p*ssy.”

Rob Ford and Anthony Keidis should trade jobs.  There are two keys between the Chili Peppers being a great vs. mediocre band.  One is having Frusciante, the other is having at least one member in constant risk of sudden death from a hard drug habit.  Without either of these things the band
has been hopelessly stale for a decade now and there can be no serious doubts that Rob Ford by his presence alone would bring much of their old fire back.  Keidis for his part, would probably find Toronto a likable place to run, now that he insists on being all old & responsible.  Similar to some California bay area cities in sensibility with a little bit of Chicago and a touch of Youngstown thrown in.  Different sure but one can always find something familiar to plant their roots in.

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