Friday, September 27, 2013

Something to Understand About Poland

The Poles existence as mostly Catholic Slavs (Along with the Croats anyway, the important thing is that the Poles see themselves as unique) has led them to see themselves less as Eastern Europeans and more as the eastern frontier of the West.  This identity has allowed them (or us, in a kind-of-sor-of not really way) to maintain their national pride, to see themselves as heroic martyrs defending civilization from Asiatic hordes instead of the poor bastards who always lose.  For this reason the Poles maintain far more anger towards Russia than Germany or any other Western state that has tormented them in the past.  There's a healthy dollop of Islamophobia too, since the Ottomans were one bully that the Poles were actually able to consistently win against.

Which brings us to Lech Walesa, whose good work in freeing my Ddistantcousinland from the Soviets remains, but whose intervening taste for xenophobia, homophobia, and theocracy has destroyed any claim to being a  Great Liberator of history in the vein of Lincoln or Havel.  Now the man has apparently grown so enthralled with the idea of his land marking the border of Real White People that he thinks Poland should merge itself into Germany.    

To this I can only reply: Boy, what the fuck is wrong with your motherfucking ass?

Polish Nazis are, of course, an actual thing.  But that's far too Goddamn depressing for me to get into right now.   

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