Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Thing About It Man

Shakespeare is great alright?  No one is saying he isn't.  The Dead-White Men hating Bogeys are not and have never been hiding under the bed.  I myself am even personally okay with enshrining Shakespere as the eternal pope of English-language literature; so long as everyone is aware that this is only being done for drama's sake and does not actually take it seriously.  I mean, I don't want to carry on like I've made some genius insight here, but he was a mortal human being that guy;  the only way to ensure that Shakespere is forever enshrined as SHAKESPEARE would be to forbid everyone in the Anglosphere from ever putting our own words to paper.  Otherwise the possibility that some other mortal might someday write better than SHAKESPEARE will always be there. Surely the problem there is obvious to lots of people besides myself. 

Or maybe the problem is that you imagine it to be innately moral and 'serious' to dictate what will always be true to the next generation.  Nothing could be further from the truth than that conceit.  Maybe you think that permanently encasing one Greatest Writer for All Time will lead those 'Hard Science' types to take us liberal artsies more seriously.  This my friend is a waste of time.  Those snobs are always going to laugh at us, just as we both together shall always laugh at the Econ majors for thinking that they're with them instead of us. 

Or maybe I should just get down top brass tacks to Brass Tacks Hoss and point out that you consider Steinbeck and Hemingway 'easier' and 'less serious' then Shakespeare beacuse they're Americans, and everyone knows that American culture is and always will be 'simpler' and 'less serious' than the mother-lands.  If that should indeed be the implication here.................

What's up homie? 
: )))

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