Sunday, March 3, 2013

Attention Conservative Motorists

Just as the use of public transportation is not in itself proof of being poorer than you (so you need not consider money being spent here as an unsporting trophy for losers)  neither is commuting by bicycle in itself a claim of moral superiority over you.  The person you see bikeriding, walking, or jogging is just trying to get where they're going, as you are, and are probably not intentionally displying themselves as healthier, more concientious or more virile than you personally.   Fear not friends for you are secure.  If, however, you still cannot shake the feeling that anyone moving by means other than driving anywhere is neccessarily a wag of disaproval at yourself, then by all means please continue making hilariously asinine statements in self-defense, for the world is cold and harsh and a laugh is worth its weight in jewels. 

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