Monday, June 18, 2012

I've Just Learned

That Danny Boyle will be arrainging the opening ceremonies for London 2012. 

"Choose Life, choose the rank classist hypocricy of 'amatuerism'.  Choose xenophobia.  Choose White paternalism.  Choose the armchair romantic classicalism of nineteenth century oligarchs, Choose a constant two week bombardment of crypto-fascist imagery and Ubermensch worship.  Choose bribary, Choose rampant drug abuse Choose local-level corruption and cronyism, Choose the careful shuffling off of 'those people' away from the world's eye.  Choose the act of people throwing balls around aggrandized to a level that makes the NFL with their stupid Flags & Bombs shit look tame.'  'There are no reasons' etc, etc.....

(In all honesty, I do adore Boyle's work.  I'm sure the ceremony will be a real show.)

(Also, to tell the truth, I would be very badly peeved if either US basketball team falls short of gold.)

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