Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Haven't That Much to Say About the Euros.

I am one-eighth Czech.  And even though my family name comes from there it would still be very much  "piece of dilettantism" to claim them as 'My People'.  Though of course I still do so half-jokingly all of the time. 

Now, having said that, the Czech National team enjoyed a spot of good luck in their preliminary group, coming back to top it after the favorites who pasted them in the first game, Russia (grrrr) suddenly went moribund.  So today the Czechs play Portugal in the quarterfinals.  More precisely they are this afternoon up against; The Fauxhawk.  And it is well understood by all educated folk  that this man is the most contemptible human being who isn't dictator of a medium-sized nation.

"Pojďme Češi".  Kill the motherfucker.  

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