Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here In Nebraska Again: Something Much Manlier

Cougar hunting!  Fuck yeah bitch!!

Louden knows his bill will be criticized by animal rights groups.
"My answer is 'You want to see them face-to-face?'" he said."I've got a granddaughter ... and I don't want her to see oneface-to-face. If you have a mountain lion in your area, you are notnecessarily at the top of the food chain."

This may seem like a hair-splitting gripe, but the reason senator Louden is able to even conceive of such a thing as hunting mountain lions is the near-infinite variety of killing machines available to us humans.  So in other words, yeah, we're still quite indisputably at the top of the food chain.  I mean even if you came across five or six pumas working as a tag team a basic pistol-grip twelve gauge would be all you need to preserve man-ape hegemony.  Now, far be it for me to go off on an animal rights-rant, but it seems that LeRoy Louden of Ellsworth considers anything outside of his direct control and holding a level of power that's even comparable to his own to be a mortal threat that must be destroyed.  And this man, with this attitude, has a vote in a democratic law-making body.  Funny that.
As for the question of whether I (or whoever ethereal 'you') want to see them face-to-face.  My answer to that is; yes!  Of course I do!  How much of a cowardly dullard do you have to be to not want to see such a terrific thing?!  And nice move hiding your own fear behind your grandaughter there jackass.  Not to get personal here; but are you really going to allow me, long-haired city boy, to be less afraid of God's own true country than you; Mr. responsible owner and steward of the land Real American Cowboy? Pathetic.  
Still, for anyone who feels that cougar hunting is something they simply must do; here's your rimshot. 

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