Friday, January 6, 2012

Chrisma Woman Writes Next Mars Volta Album for Them


"If a person hears music with voices in their head this is not the usual schizophrenia.  This is musical schizophrenia made by Moslems.  Moslems that plays the synthesizer soon forgets to eat and sleep.  Over 90% of Moslems self inflict after doing away with some Americans."

"What more do we have today?  State 'Divine I care for weak persons' over and over.  State Divine at the beginning of every sentence and you'll have your own sweet statements and problem solving statements.  State 'divine cracks every bio' over and over.  Put white crosses on entryways and white crosses with your name on it."

"Put honey outside the ear hole and the infestation jumps out.  Put honey on the head and they lick and leave with sweeter statements.    Use yogurt by mouth, on fingertips, on scalp and as lotion.  Yogurt heals a wound dream.  If another person has a wound dream put yogurt on your body and they heal." 


"Fifteen years ago we suggested ........."
Actually, never mind the full quote, ELECTRIC RICKSHAWS: J.B.


"We all live in a little spaceship earth. 
Two men are in a room.  If you hurt me I might hurt you back. 
There are more ways to relate than to hurt back.  The second person can shield himself.  A second person can run away.  The second person can talk the first person out of hurting again.  Would you like to make a friend today?  Everybody needs more friends."


"Let's put nuclear rods on the moon.  Since language changes from century to century add a skull and bones around the area so all visitors for up to two thousand years will understand where not to explore. 


"Mr. Ralph Nader there is something worse than breakfast food in your marijuana.  Why pollute your brain when you can be a lot smarter." 

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