Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There's a POW/MIA Display on the NU Campus

Worry not, red America.  Your hold over the general society will remain strong indeed for as long as this Dolchstoßlegende continues to be openly endorsed by our institutions.  The truth is that there is indeed some callous neglect here towards American soldiers from our government.  But it isn't quite as viscerally monsterous as knowing that thousands of US citizens are growing old as enemy captives and doing nothing about it.  Rather it's a case of being pretty certain that these people were killed in Vietnam and just not going through the trouble to make absolutely certain.  A more forgiving and perhaps more significant explanation is that wars are rumored to be sort of chaotic, and it's simply not possible to account for everyone who suddenly wasn't there anymore.  There's a large town worth of fighters from World War II still listed as MIA, to give you some idea. 

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