Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Memo to the Livestock Producers of Nebraska

Fuck you.   

To be clear, the Humane Society may be right or may be wrong on this or that.  But the reason you consider them beyond the pail, the reason our governor declares our fellow citizens to be pariahs with his "no Nebraskan should be workingfor the HSUS." , is that you consider yourselves to be incapable of being wrong and demand that everyone consider your goodness to be beyond question.  You consider yourselves superior to us city boys.  You think you own us.  Fuck you. 

'No farms, no food?'  No shit.  It's beyond obvious that food is an essential thing, but only as essential as the city people who eat it.  And the people who produce food are not feudal lords living  above us proles and beyond our scrutiny

"We can't control what they do," Pete McClymont of the NebraskaCattlemen said from the west steps of the State Capitol on Tuesday,"but we can control what we do."

I can control what I do too.   And in spite of my total lack of any ethical concern towards the slaughter of animals for human consumption, the tyrannical actions of our governor and your organization have inspired me to become a vegetarian because, fuck you.  No Nebraska cattleman will be enriched by single one of my pennies until you show the humility that citizenship demands.  I will eat no meat until you publicly submit to our absolute right to condemn you, and accept that you shall forever be subject to the scrutiny of we liberal, elitist. latte-drinking urbanites who you exist to serve.  You rat motherfuckers. 

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