Sunday, September 11, 2011

Myth: Women need the freedom to choose.

Bottom letter.   

Oh, and something about Genesis 38:19.  Apparently, any woman who doesn't breed like she's supposed to will end up so lonely that she bones her ex father-in-law, or something. 

One may well speculate that Georgia Ebel actually hates one or all of her own children and comforts herself with the idea that she was only obeying orders.  I'd set the gambling odds of that at 3:1.

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  1. Somebody needs to explain to Ms. Ebel that not everyone shares her definitions of "moral" and "immoral" and that Wikipedia has those [citation needed] tags for a reason.

    "Myth: Contraception is good for women.

    Truth: Levees of truth need to hold off this seepage of falsehood."

    Thanks so much for providing us with those levees, Georgia.