Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Totes Recall

I remember one of the Cut Scenes from 'The Family Guy' where Ralph finally straight punches Alice.  Before I had entertained vague notions myself that this might be funny but no it wasn't funny.

My memory is dim.  I watched 'The Honeymooners' with my grandparents as a toddler and never since.  Ralph Alice and the neighbor buddy guy were as I recall the only ones ever shown on screen, the last three people in existence.  They chose to live in a New York apartment because, emotionally, spiritually, they had decided that if there were only enough people to settle one place it should be "New York" and I agree.  If I awoke to find myself the last man the first thing I would do is find my best dead neighbor,s bike (or the best bike of a dead neighbor.  It wouldn't matter how good a person they were) and peddle east. In the practical sense it would be some time before wild predators would lose their fear of urban cores with all their disorienting straightness; and there would be canned olives that I could eat forever.  Billions.

I in no way excuse Ralph's threats of violence but charity towards all radical acceptance and all the rest of it yes?  (And with just the three of them to accept anyway it can't be all that radical.)  We should understand that the pressure to reproduce is of course overwhelming.  Alice could be eaten at any time, or wake up newly aware that she has always been a lesbian.  Even so Ralph's longing to be 'the husband' to our new Gaia are in these circumstances quite clearly insane.  The temptation to be a literal God Father to all emerging generations would be there for all of us I suppose and I do not claim that I'd be innocent of this myself.  Still at this reduced human scale it is every bit as evil as any well-known tyrant who scoured his own land to ruin just to remain its only true master.  It is quite obvious that Ralph and the other guy should both be 'The Husband'.  Genetic variety needs every boost available and Alice is going to be 'The Woman' under any arrangement.  She is always going to have this power and both men need to get well and the fuck over if this bothers them. 

It disappoints me truly that these allow the prejudices or mores of the old dead world to effect their minds at all.  Theirs is the power to invent How It's Always Been or What Everyone Knows out of whole cloth, through whim or will; to seize the language of those protest-too-muching dogmatists  who are the most likely culprits for murdering everyone, to take this omnicidal cant and rearrainge it to kqehwporhweirjheopr

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