Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Average Cougar

Is in plain fact considerably stronger than an individual man.  So are lots of other things, and that's without even getting into non-organic things that are bound to "live" much longer than we do.  Still the fact that a cougar is stronger than you or me doesn't make them competitors to us for mastery of the Earth, and it's frankly something that one should just get the hell over.  Gotten over without tipping against strawman hippieism as the only possible basis for opposing Cougar hunting in Nebraska.  Ernie Chambers, myself and everybody else know full well that cougars are not cartoon plush toys who just need to be loved.  I am perfectly aware that a cougar would fucking well eat me if it got the chance and I oppose the hunting law not in spite of but wholly independently of that.

Deer hunters have been claiming an 'overpopulation' for their favorite meat as cause to give them freer reign to hunt more.  It is true that driving on our river valley backroads in spring and fall has gotten a bit hazardous, and while human hunters might provide some solution to that the fact is that they will never be as good or efficient at it as True predators (And you ain't never gonna be one of those Jack, sorry) who truly need to hunt.   A native cougar population could take care of all kinds of human health hazards in addition to excess Bambis; plague carrying vermin, meat rotting in the sun, etc, etc.   They would treat themselves to some ranchers cattle from time to time but I'm not going to pretend to shed any tears for the cowboys.  They are just another group of people who live here and we city boys are under no moral bond to differ to them see them as innately noble or tailor our laws in ways that make them happy. They shall still make profit enough and there is no socialist conspiracy to explain why the land doesn't recognize itself as 'theirs'.  At any rate what good does it do a Real Nebraskan to see himself as Grizzly Adams, infinitely stronger and more manly than those boys back East, without actual Grizzlies or something vaguely akin to them to share our home with? Use your head now.....

......and motherfuck this jackass.  It takes precisely as much effort & courage to kill a large cat as it does a chipmunk and don't pretend that you don't know this you fuck. 


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