Sunday, May 13, 2012

Soccer Top 10

Damn.  I don't know if you dear reader are aware of what happened in England today.  But Manchester City won the national title there on a two-goal comeback in the last five minutes.  This sort of thing is rare enough in American-style playoff systems, which are intentionally designed to manufacture such drama.  In a straight round-robin format.... the statistically infuckingpossible happened today, that's all.  I haven't found a Youtube video on it that isn't copyrighted by someone, so look it up for yourself.  

I must say that it was also quite refreshing to see a truly spontaneous field invasion, instead of college basketball kids deliberately trying to get their faces on ESPN by 'going crazy' over beating the 23rd ranked fighting whoever.  Here the sight of so many people who are just so sincerely ecstatic is extremely moving and beautiful.  Just wow.  Anyway..

1. Bayern Munich
2. Real Madrid
3. Juvuntus
4. Borussia Dortmund
5. Barcelona
6. Manchester City
7. Porto
8. AC Milan
9. Boca Juniors
10 Montpelier 

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