Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back in Ole North Platte

There was a woman I knew who died of a meth overdose three weeks after we had sex.  We had been on good terms though by no means 'lovers' before and after that.  And of course there is the Freudian/Bouvierian angle of having had carnal contact with a body now dead and moldering.  Her death disturbed me greatly.

Which is to say, while this story of a North Platte girl who died under unknown (and probably forever unknowable) shady circumstances and then buried in a lake might inspire you to write a gothic country song; or maybe joke about how it sounds like a gothic country song, please do remember that this was a human life.  One who had family and friends and was loved.  Death at the age of nineteen is always a offense to the humanity of us all, whatever the circumstances.  I would even say to pray for this girl, if you're one of those who thinks that there's anyone to pray to.

Now, having said all that.....

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