Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Millwaukee Shows MIA How to Really Troll the Super Bowl

North Platte Nebraska, my hometown, is home to some twenty four thousand people, and happens to lie in one of the few regions of the First World where a place of such size is large enough to be considered a city, meriting its own NBC affiliate.  Out out of the 210 recognized 'media markets' in the United States, the North Platte market ranks 209th in population.  So the seven hundred dollars that Pabst Brewing Company reportedly paid KNOP-TV for the right to show the spot is actually a bit more than the standard going rate.  In return they for this the ad has gotten close to 800,000 views on youtube and probably several million hits over all thanks to the curiosity expressed towards this novelty on several other websites.

Pure fucking genius.  And I can personally add that there is no small amount of Old Milwaukee consumed in North Platte.  I'd even guess that someone involved in the production of this thing knew this to be so.  Whether through actually researching the culture of North Platte or simply adding two and two after noting its lonely position on the map; who's to say? 

P.S: Congrats on scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl Woodhead.  It's a shame that your team lost.  Though the even bigger pity for you personally is that you weren't born into a soccer-playing culture.  Your body type and skill set has much more in common with this guy then with any of those NFL brutes you tussle with.

You could of been worth nine figures by now.  Not that you're doing so badly for yourself.  

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