Thursday, February 2, 2012

OK, GOP, It's Like This

Pimping the Keystone pipeline is not going to score any points for you.  The White, rural, highly conservative demographic of the Great Plains are either actively opposed or at best very suspicious of it.  There is no great crowd of blue-colar alpha-males holding their lunchpails full of flags in hand and waiting for you to deliver them the salvation of short-term jobs so they can reward you with votes.  There is nothing that you can gain from this.  At all.  I know you have corperate donors to satisfy but isn't there.... never mind, for a minute there I was going to suggest that there must be some higher priority for you than that, how stupid of me.  Still it would be better if you put at least five seconds of thought into your psuedopopulist blather so that it sounds like something.... better than this. 

Dude, did you seriously just try to pass off Facebook as elitist.  I mean... no, just, seriously, no.... seriously? 
He has a Facebook page of his own, of course...!/billcassidy?sk=wall  it's been SOP for members of Congress for at least five or six years now, or about as long as it's been since Facebook had a bonafide blue-collar rival in Myspace.  And inasmuch as there's any honesty or thought in Cassidy's statement at all (doubtful) he may be be surprised to know that it's been even longer since a having a FB profile has conveyed any sense of social specialness.  I don't know if you know this Bill, but it isn't just for college students and upscale urban professionals anymore.  Facebook is free man. (and always will be!) it says so right there on the front page .  My family members, (Not to go into too much depth), truck drivers, construction workers, railroad men, ex cons; all of them have children to take care of, and all of them are sending me requests for Mafia Wars as I type this. Everybody has Facebook you minister of accidental condensation.  You should check to see who on your staff is failing to give you basic info before you pretend to identify with people who would force you into an hour long shower if they accidentially breathed your air.  Jackass. 

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