Monday, February 29, 2016

God Made Trump

I would guess that few if any people are ever truly comfortable with the fact of being both mind and rectum.  I suppose that the misogyny & hostility to sex within religion is more reflection of a disconnect that had always been there than inventor of it. I've seen dogs express embarrassment or something that looks like it when they shit.  I've no idea if wolves who've had no contact with human attitudes feel it or not.

The Kama Sutra is as pompous ponderous sexist & pedantic as the Book of Mormon tell truth.  Dan Savage I think catches undue flack from unfairly heightened expectations; a sense that a gay progressive who discusses sex publicly must be the great liberator in all things; superhumanly free of all bigotries and blind spots. The fact is that anyone who wants to give advice for a career is necessarily prone to some level of dogma and essentialism. Nonetheless Ann Landers spent decades subtly encouraging less restrictive social mores from behind her propriety pearls.

At a hotel in Mason City IA I was propositioned by a closeted local man while I was having dinner. I'd been drinking moderately and it was an unusually delicious Casey's pizza, taco supreme. So I told the man to come back in ten minutes if he still wanted to blow me because I was eating really good pizza.  He took offense to this or got cold feet or whateverhow changed his mind.  I most likely would have put the pizza down for effort-free sex with a woman.  Or maybe not.  That's where I fall on the Kinsey.

There are so many who presumed that Marxism must be the One True Cure for colonialism. This invention of a European man who assumed that the Smartest Motherfucker Of All Time must be a European Man instilled with a Eurocentric education; who assumed that the one "scientific" model for all history everywhere was not just the exceptionally predatory 19th century West but Victorian England itself. I would guess that there were so many communists in the 20th century mainly because there were so many communists in the 20th century; the idea of immense global-level power in numbers for people who had been starved of power. Castro for example has been quite open about his old-school tribal motives among others; about seeing the Soviet model as a vehicle for at last attaining a unified Latin America equal in power and prestige to the US.

Che Guevara was an asthmatic medically dependent on adrenaline. What's more he had grown up watching his parents argue to the point of violence over politics and thus intuited that politics are and should be a basic source of vital or even erotic passion in life.  He was never going to be any sort of abiding moderate and that's fine in itself. Neither am I. Still it's been said that he failed in Bolivia because the locals were brainwashed by the priests, the Yankees, the capital-controlled media etc.  The truth is that brain-washing is nowhere near as common or as powerful as people think. The prospect that we have the shit world that newborn babies want need not be cause for paralyzing despair. We are not babies anymore and we can adjust both ourselves and the world outside.  But anyway.

Che was of course an Argentinian.. The Argentinians are as Europeanized as we are and are if anything more guilty of fucking with Bolivian affairs than we Yanks. So one day here comes this culturally Caucasoid Argentine leading a Cuban armed force telling you that he's there to Messiah you from foreign domination. What would you think if you were a self-respecting Bolivian on that scene, knowing yourself to have a fully aware rational mind whatever your education or lack thereof?  'Fuck off doc' is really all that they could have said isn't it?

And as for brainwashing being overrated it isn't necessarily so that ethnic bigotries are manufactured to give cover for economic dominance. The Anglospheres  glorification of wealth and material things, for example, is not inventor of but invention of the old school-tribal beef between England and France. (or perhaps the greater Germanic north vs. Latin south beef as well) Early modern England had a bit more commercial wealth and a bit more complex technology than France, and so it became Common sense that these traits were the True universal measure of superior civilization.  It could have been anything else they may have had a perceived advantage in; and once this conceit was established well there are always and everywhere those who need to "know" themselves to be respectable, and will not tolerate reminders of the fact that social ideas of respectability are random and artificial.

The need to 'know' is the thing. Though myths of ethnic or cultural superiority are not necessarily smokescreens for consumptive greed there can be a deep correlation to be sure. A unifying desire to believe that there is a means to objectively know that one is living exactly as they should be, that one is the best possible version of themself they ever would have been. Not everybody has the poet's gift to self-doubt flamboyantly after all. For most people doubt is a sudden panic of agony that needs to be fucking dumped; anywhere and anyhow one is able to right now. When done in isolation this thing is harmless. When done by thousands in the same way at the same time it may still be harmless.  It may plausibly bring about a very great good.  It may not implausibly lead to five million dead & another fifty million enslaved too.  The building is never apparent as it is happening.  Nor as everyone is born within the building's normal will it ever be.                 

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