Friday, February 6, 2015

Van Halen

Im not old enough to recall any devoted Van Halen fans as such. I did have a babysitter named Jake with blue denim jacket single earring and spiked hair so him maybe? My mother owns '1984' on vinyl because her taste in music is not really bad, she likes J.C. Superstar Carly Simon Queen and I like all them, I guess her taste could be best described as arbitary on account of living a near exclusively rural life and never identifying with any 'scenes' Ive never heard her play or even seen her touch her VH lp anyhow. She is not a 'real' VH fan. This band has always struck me as bland banal and calculated with either David Lee Roth or whoever else and I dont know why they're a cultural thing at all. I dont know who a Van Halen sort of person is.

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