Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Been a Way For A Time I Know I Know

So what do I think of the elections?  I'm disappointed, but nor despairing.  Voting is a very simple matter you know; and I cannot for the life of me understand why people seem to need to feel "inspired" to perform this simple task; why common people of the left right and center all alike need to feel the hope of acheiving some Existential victory or Great Historic Good in order to pencil in some circles.  I can understand being disappointed by politicians, of course I can.  what I cannot understand is why grown adults should feel especially bothered by the disappointment.  Innocent idealism does not exist.  Purely idealistic "Great Leaders" are a human impossibility, and political liberty requires accepting ourselves as every bit as dirty as any 19th century machine boss. 

I hope that all of this doesn't come across as some bitter or angry "people suck" rant.  Because I am not in all honesty bitter and angry about what happened yesterday.  I only mean to say that for so long as we the people cling to the conceit of our own time being uniquely troubled (Which is not remotely true) or the politicians of our time being uniquely venal, (ditto), then the schizophrenic contrasts between midterm and presidential elections will probably remain the norm for some time. 

At any rate I am not as I've said bitter or angry about thangs.  I predict that the GOP; (in its patented certainty for certainty's sake manner) shall proceed to overestimate the significance of yesterday's victory; to over gauge just how much of the country has come over to Real True Conservative ideas and proceed to flood Washington with the same brutalist dogmas that horrified the general public in 2008 and 2012.  Sunrise; sunset. 

At any rate there's happier news here in Nebraska; closer to home where laws more directly effect lives and where; even still' in spire of all efforts, one stil has some liberty to vote without the conceit of fighting an epic culture war define the national identity.  The right-wing dipshits have unfortunately run the race for Governor and Senator; but then that unfortunately was to be expected.  The good news is that the Omaha House Seat is flipped Dem.       Good in any number of ways; a reflection that the city proper has been Dem majority for some time now; and all the anti-urban mythology in the world cannot long keep Nebraska monolithicaly Republican if that's the case.  what's especially heartening about the Dem win here is the backfiring of this old-school Willy Horton style ad,  .   Anyone who's been paying the least attention to the Nikko Jenkins affair knows that untoward affection for criminals from Brad Ashford or anyone else, has jack-all to do with the problem.  The race-tinged late 20th century hysteria over "urban menace" and tough-on crime "melon morality"   have both been especially strong in Omaha, and if that city of all places is falling out of love with such comforting lies it speaks well for the course of our culture.  The benefits shall be much more important than what is gained or lost in any one election. 

Finally Nebraska has voted by a wide margin to increase our minimum wage.      Proof among other things that not even conservative people are as blindly-supply side as some might think; and more importantly people will make more money... fucking Ay!  Life does go on indeed it does it does.

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