Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zahi Hawass

Thank you, New York Times, for putting a name to the face of  'ageless guy who waves his arms around every time there's something about the pyramids on TV.'  I watch history documentaries, voluntarily.  And I had a National Geographic subscription for like twenty years.  This guy is a celebrity to me.  I love this motherfucker. And if you're wondering why I was never able to remember his name, well, yeah, that is sort of weird isn't it? 

Anyway, sorry to read that he's in a bit of a bind.  But he couldn't have done anything that bad because..... because he's just too fucking gregarious is why.  I'm sure the Nat Geo society could give him a new full-time job, if he needs one.  Failing that I propose that the US government hire him as official media pimp for our landmarks.  It would be grand to see this guy rhapsodize about the Sears Tower or the Jersey Turnpike.   This man could single-handily give us the sort of unmistakable cool we haven't had since the moon landing.  Make it happen. 

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